WIELAND HEALTHCARE encourages customers to refresh their furniture, not just toss it out as needs and styles change. For over 40 years, Wieland has been offering renewable seating and tables to the Healthcare Market.  Along with their 25 year warranty, Wieland is one of the rare manufacturers in this high-use world that actually stands behind their products. With their cutting edge design and focus on the healthcare environment, you can’t go wrong placing Wieland in your facility!

SAUDER EDUCATION is a seating and table Manufacturer dedicated solely to the Education Market. They understand the needs of Campus Managers and respond by providing a wide breadth of seating products and tables.  Along with Wieland, Sauder has been providing renewable furniture to the Educational market for over 50 years. There is at least ONE Sauder chair in about every College or Hospital in the world!



CORILAM  is a manufacturer of high quality seating, tables and casegoods for both the Healthcare and Educational markets.  They are one of the few manufacturers that can customize casegoods to your specifications.





HIGHPOINT FURNITURE In business since 1958, HPFI® (High Point Furniture Industries) is committed to providing the office furniture industry with quality product; quick and dependable. HPFI manufactures and markets wood office casegoods and upholstered seating for a wide range of commercial markets and applications. We have been using Highpoint products for many many years without fail. HPFI is large enough to manage virtually any size project, yet small enough and more importantly, willing to assist customers with rush orders, modified and custom product requests.






SIT ON IT SEATING manufactures great chairs at affordable prices.  Sit On It chairs ship in 2-10 days!






INTENSA – Intensa is a manufacturer of medical and laboratory furniture and equipment engineered specifically for the healthcare and higher education markets.  They offer a complete line of furnishings, with a wide range of useful features and benefits designed to provide solutions for any scale budget requirements.  Intensa’sproducts are manufactured to the highest in quality standards, providing the end user with a true value product.



VGS SIGNAGE  VGS’s innovative signage systems are guaranteed to create lasting impressions. And they offer you a range of competitive solutions: from off-the-shelf products to custom-tailored programs, planning, installation, and fulfillment services. You can count on VGS because they’re in it for the long term. They have been serving clients’ needs for over 20 years, providing unparalleled service and a top-notch product.




KI FURNITURE – Since the introduction of their first product in 1941, a steel folding chair, KI has recognized market needs and responded with welcome furniture solutions – products that skillfully support the success of customers in higher education, K-12, healthcare, business and government.  





INPRO –  Inpro®, goes to obsessive lengths to create products that protect the APPEARANCE of buildings and the HEALTH and SAFETY of the people who use them every day. From handrails and wall protection to custom wall guards and door frame protection Inpro is the best of the best.






There are many more manufacturers we represent – just ask!!